Vim 入门

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# Vim 入门


# 初识

a append after this letter
i insert current letter
o open a new line
A end of this line
I start of this line
O open a line above
Ctrl + h Remove last letter
Ctrl + w Remove last word
Ctrl + u Remove current line
  • ESC
    • Ctrl + [
  • Insert Mode
    • gi
w/W next word start
e/E next word end
gg file start
G file end
H screen head
M screen middle
L screen lower
Ctrl + u upward
Ctrl + f forward
daw delete a word
dt{char} delete to the char
dd delete row
x delete a char
c change a char
r replace a char
s subsitute a char
/{char} global search n/N
f{char} inline search */#


  • range
    • 10,20 10-20
    • % ALL
  • flags
    • g(global)
    • c(confirm)
    • f(number)
Ctrl+w s
Ctrl+w v
Ctrl+w w
Ctrl+w hjkl
Ctrl+w HJKL
Ctrl+w =
Ctrl+w _
:tabe [name]
Ctrl+w T
:tabn [num] [num] gt
:tabp gT
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